Assessment Answers for SITHPAT006 - Produce Desserts

Assessment Answers for SITHPAT006 - Produce Desserts

SITHPAT006 - Produce Desserts is a course that describes the performance outcomes, skills, and knowledge required to produce hot, cold, and frozen desserts following standard and special dietary recipes. To produce and serve desserts, it is necessary to be able to select, prepare, and portion ingredients, as well as use equipment and a variety of cooking methods.

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SITHPAT006 Assessment Answers - Produce Desserts

 Review our "SITHPAT006 - Produce Desserts" assignment question/answers below and take your culinary skills to the next level with our expert guidance!–


Ques 1: List five food production requirements you need to confirm before producing desserts.

Ans: Food production requirements you need to confirm before producing desserts are-

  • Deadline
  • Prepare the ingredients
  • Portion control
  • Dietary requirement
  • Special requirement

Ques 2: List 5 ingredients that are commonly used to produce desserts.

Ans: Ingredients that are commonly used to produce desserts are-

  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Fruit
  • Chocolate
  • Peanut butter

Ques 3: Explain the difference between 'food allergy' and 'food intolerance.'

Ans: Food allergies occur when the immune system reacts to a harmless food. At the same time, food intolerance occurs when the body reacts to a chemical after consuming a particular food or drink.


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Ques 4: Describe three indicators you would use to select fresh and quality ingredients.

Ans: Three indicators you would use to select fresh and quality ingredients are-

  • Ensure the fragrance is pleasant and has no strong smell
  • Avoid using dirty eggs
  • Check the flour for any bugs

Ques 5: What are the legal and health consequences of not meeting special customer requests and dietary requirements?

Ans: Legal and health consequences of not meeting special customer requests and dietary requirements are-

  • Allergies
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Food sensitivity or intolerance reactions

Ques 6: Describe three wrong actions related to the preparation of sweets.

Ans: Wrong actions related to the preparation of sweets are -

  • Equipment must be prepared
  • Collect all the ingredients
  • Prepare all the ingredients and place them in a bowl

Ques 7: Identify four safe operating practices when connecting and disconnecting a food processor or other electrical appliance.

Ans: Four safe operating practices when connecting and disconnecting a food processor or other electrical appliance are - 

  • Always unplug the unit before cleaning
  • Keep the unit away from water; Avoid water jets during cleaning
  • The unit should only be used in a flat, level position
  • Do not work without attention

Ques 8: What is the most logical and efficient way to sort and store ingredients ready for cooking?

Ans: You should prepare ingredients according to the food production sequence—the order in which you'll need to use them according to a recipe or meal preparation list.


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Ques 9: What is the difference between chilling and freezing when making sweets?

Ans: Food preservation at low temperatures involves two separate processes: freezing and freezing. Chilling uses temperatures from 0 °C to 8 °C, i.e. above the freezing point of the food, whereas freezing uses temperatures well below the freezing point, traditionally below 18 °C.


Ques 10: What is the right temperature for poaching?

Ans: Poaching differs from boiling and boiling. Poaching requires lower temperatures than boiling (100°C) and boiling (95–98°C) and is, therefore, more suitable for cooking seafood.

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