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A student faces the same situation when they get admission in a foreign university admission to a foreign university. By the time they start adjusting to their environment, half of their first semester is already over.

Students' time to understand the daunting essay submissions and university life costs them a lot of lag in their studies.

To help students cope with the lag in their studies and essay submission, "Get Essay Service" extends their expertise to every student for their essay completion and submission on time.

By assigning essays to an expert writer, students can stop stressing about their essay submission and focus on studying and managing life in a foreign land. This gives the student the extra time to understand the life around them and adjust to it without worrying about their university essays.

While at the university, a student is assigned many different essays. These essays ensure that a student can pen down and deliver their thoughts in different manners as per the requirement of the essay.

One such essay is the narrative essay that students must attempt during university life. This essay is an elaborative essay that involves the concept of storytelling with a primary idea that establishes the narrative for the entire essay.

As an essay of a narrative nature is elaborative, it requires a lot of creative thinking and a proper structure for the smooth flow of the essay. In addition, the essay requires proper connectivity between the storyline, so the student must be well aware of the various transition sentences for an easy essay flow.

While contemplating the decision to outsource the university essay to an expert writer, students often try and collect information about the narrative essay so that they can attempt it themselves.

The information that a student gathers provides the answers to the following questions –

What is a narrative essay?

Answer – Unlike most academic essays that a student is assigned, a narrative essay enables a student to be creative and personal in their approach. This is because the essay is based on a story that revolves around a writer's personal experience in an elaborative and descriptive manner.

A narrative essay involves the story's narration and characters around a central idea that defines its plot. The narrative essay must be well connected in its plot, and the story must flow smoothly throughout the essay.

How should a student start a narrative essay?

Answer – The narrative essay should start with a relevant story loosely based on the life experience of the writer. To keep the reader interested in your essay, they must stay hooked to your story. Therefore, it should contain elements of surprise and interest for the reader.

A sincere anecdote that excitingly narrates the story's crux would make an excellent introduction to the narrative essay.

What does a narrative essay include?

Answer – A narrative essay includes the following –

  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • End
  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Climax

These elements complete the perfect narrative essay by communicating a vivid story to the readers. This story is narrated from the writer's viewpoint on whose life experience it is based.

When students decide against attempting their essays, they seek professional help. As a result, they search for various online platforms that provide essay writing services.  

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Recently Asked Question

What are the five parts of a narrative essay?

Answer - The following constitutes the five parts of a narrative essay –

 Plot – the events that take place in the essay

 Character – the individuals who perform the activities of the essay like the protagonist, antagonist and supporting characters

 Setting – the location of the entire event of the essay as well as the time

 Conflict – the problem depicted in the essay that the character (mainly the protagonist) has to solve

 Theme – the understanding, learning and moral of the entire essay

What are the characteristics of a narrative essay?

Answer – the characteristics of a narrative essay are –

 A narrative essay is informal

 It is written in the language of the first person

 Its purpose is to inform the reader rather than argue or teach something

 The essay represents an event's description in a chronological manner

 It is a work of non-fiction and is based on the experience of the writer

 Narrative essays have all the elements of a story that are represented in an essay's structure

How do you write a good narrative essay?

Answer – Top five tips for writing a good narrative essay are –

 It should be clear – the ideas and the words used in the essay must be easy to understand and clear to the reader.

 Don't overelaborate the events of the story – this would only lead to dragging the story, making it dull, which would result in the non-interest of the reader.

 Avoid using the narrative in the second person format – this is because a narrative essay is based on the writer's personal experiences.

 Choose dynamic words – use your everyday language and slang and avoid passive constructions.

 Limit your references – the more citations in the text, the more confusing it will be for the reader. Additionally, it may also break the flow of the story. Therefore, the writer should cite any citation after the essay under the heading "Works Consulted".

What are the three main components of a narrative essay?

Answer – The three main components of a narrative essay include –

1. Exposition – the background information the reader requires to understand the story. This is present in the introductory paragraph of the narrative essay, where the whole background – the setting, characters and situation of the story are described.

2. Complication – the story is the main complication of a narrative essay. It communicates the story's crux and creates the events in the essay along with the protagonist and the antagonist.

3. Resolution – the ending of the essay forms its resolution. The concluding part of the essay discusses the climax or the moral of the entire essay.

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