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Amongst all the various kinds of essays that university professors assign, the essay that stands out the most is the persuasive essay.

After reading the essay, this essay is written to persuade the readers to sway in the direction of a specific viewpoint.

To achieve this, an essay of a persuasive nature is presented through logical arguments and an emotional appeal. 

To persuade a reader to change their point of view on an existing topic, immense research, and impactful vocabulary are required to form the content of the essay.

Students often lack the time required to conduct this research as they have to juggle between attending university, going to their jobs, completing personal chores, and attempting all the other essays they have due for submission.

As a result, a student assigns their persuasive essay to a professional writer for completion rather than trying to complete it themselves, thus saving time.

Once a student is determined to outsource their essay, they look for essay writing help to complete the essay. The qualities that a student looks for in their expert writer include timely delivery, non-plagiarized and quality content, maintaining the confidentiality of the student, and most importantly, value for money.

While looking for these specific traits in an online portal for essay help, students also take this opportunity to research the basics of persuasive essays for their knowledge.

Students gather this knowledge by finding answers to the most common questions like –

What is a persuasive essay? Give examples.

Answer – A persuasive essay is an academic essay used to persuade readers in a particular direction regarding a specific topic. This is done by presenting logical arguments for influencing and convincing the readers about your viewpoint.

The logical arguments are presented as solid evidence by conducting research and sharing its result in the form of facts, examples, and quotes by experts in the field.

Unlike other academic essays, a persuasive essay contains six paragraphs with four main body paragraphs describing the discussion topic using evidence and logical arguments.

Examples of persuasive essays include

  • Criticism
  • Review
  • Reaction Papers
  • Editorials
  • Proposals
  • Advertisements
  • Brochures

What are the three parts of a persuasive essay?

Answer – The three main parts of a persuasive essay are –

  • Issue – the main topic of the essay is described as its issue. It should be present in the title or the essay's introductory paragraph.
  • Side – the side or thesis determines whether the reader is against or in favour of the topic. The writer's choice of side is often reflected in the introductory and concluding paragraphs of the essay.
  • Argument – the central part of the essay is used to persuade the readers by stating the benefits of the writer's viewpoint on the topic. A writer usually uses evidence, opinion, tale, example, or reasoning to persuade their readers, supported by sources of their facts. It is often advisable to use evidence rather than opinion to influence and convince a reader of your cause.

How do you write an excellent persuasive essay?

Answer – Some tips for writing an excellent persuasive essay are –

  • Clearly stating your claim – your argument or thesis statement should be concise, clear, and understandable.
  • Understanding your readers - would help develop the essay in a manner that would best convince your audience by understanding their needs and emotions.
  • Engaging through various emotions – the essay and your argument must emotionally connect the reader. A writer can use vivid imagery and the five senses to involve the reader in their essay.
  • Focus on only a single side of the argument – base your essay on only one side (either against or in favour). Writing about both sides would confuse the reader and not persuade them to agree with your viewpoint.
  • Amplify your points by using concrete evidence – provide credible evidence from numerous credible sources to support your argument. Evidence can be in the form of statistics, facts, or expert citations. With the help of this evidence, you can help provide a new perspective to the reader, explain complex proposals, and support your entire argument.
  • Being organized – the entire persuasive essay should be well structured and should link the paragraphs. This is done using skillful sentences and transition phrases and helps with the smooth flow of the entire essay.
  • Using active language – an active voice is used to denote purpose. Therefore, a writer should use it in a persuasive essay to establish certainty, assertiveness, and confidence in the essay.

List the steps to writing a persuasive essay.

Answer – Steps required to write a persuasive essay are –

  • Selecting a suitable topic for writing a persuasive essay
  • Deciding your opinion on the selected topic
  • Finding arguments and pieces of evidence to prove your viewpoint
  • Creating an outline of the entire essay
  • Writing an introduction
  • Crafting the main body paragraphs
  • Writing the conclusion
  • Proofreading and editing the entire essay

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Recently Asked Question

What is the format of a persuasive essay?

Answer – A persuasive essay’s format is similar to every academic essay’s format. This implies that it includes –

 An introductory paragraph –contains the primary idea or thesis of the entire essay. It should consider the audience and establish a thesis that keeps the reader hooked.

 Main body paragraphs should be 3-4 in number, and each new paragraph must include different arguments and evidence to support the writer’s viewpoint. It can also include counterarguments for disagreeing with other writers.  

 A concluding paragraph – contains the summary of the entire essay and the benefits that the writer’s viewpoint can provide the readers and influence the readers to fulfil a call to action. As it is the closing statement of the essay, it should be impactful, solid and leave an impression on the reader’s mind.

What is the essential part of a persuasive essay?

Answer – The essential part of a persuasive essay is the thesis statement that conveys the basis of the entire essay. It helps to define the writer’s point of view and decide the direction of the whole essay. It should be clear, concise and understandable to the reader. Additionally, it should also be attractive so that the reader is hooked on the essay and continues to read it.

What is the best way to start a persuasive essay?

Answer – The best way to start a persuasive essay includes the following steps –

 Brainstorming about your topic

 Choosing a relevant hook

 Providing the context of your viewpoint

 Narrowing it to the primary point

 Writing the thesis statement

 Be brief, concise and transparent in your sentences

 Avoid cliches

 Stay persuasive throughout the introduction

 You can write the introduction even after completing the entire essay

What should be avoided while writing a persuasive essay?

Answer – The most common mistakes that should be avoided while writing a persuasive essay are –

 Back-loading the argument implies that a writer should not put forward their weak arguments or opinions first but their best and most substantial argument, and then move on to the other arguments. By not writing your strongest fact-based argument first, a reader might lose interest in the essay, thinking it is based on opinions rather than facts.

 Relying on the faulty logic  

 Writing without understanding the audience or keeping them in mind.

 Underemphasizing logos – a persuasive essay uses three skills of the writer “appeals to authority - ethos”, “appeals to logic -logos”, and “appeals to emotions – pathos”.

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