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This essay should be a little different from the graduate essay since it's expected that a student applying for a post-grad course will have advanced academically. Therefore, the personal statement should align and reflect that advancement. 

Consider a situation- you’re on trial, and the jury is the university admission committee. In this situation, you aren’t required to prove yourself innocent of committing a crime. 

The idea here is to prove yourself worthy enough to pursue the desired course from the University. 

It gives an insight into who you are as a person- which the academic grades can’t decide; it highlights your skills, works ethos and ability to handle different situations. Finally, it should speak about your goals and future aspirations- how your study in the course will align with your course. 

What questions should your application cater to?

● The course you opt for will help you serve society and make it a better place.

● In case you are changing your field of study, logically explain what made you take the step.

● How is the course or degree the right option for you? 

It’s pivotal to answer these questions as it acts as a base; you should be fully convinced with your answers, and only they will be able to persuade the admission team. To put it in simple words, it’s as if you are looking in the mirror and being comfortable in your skin. Owning up to anything and everything you’ve done and will be doing in the coming years. 

What are the essentials to be included in your postgraduate essay?:

● Be specific about what motivated you to opt for the course, don’t be vague and all over the place. 

● Research the course and what it caters to and tailor your answer accordingly. 

● Talk about real-life experiences and events- what made you seal the deal regarding the course? 

● The key to getting through is to show the admission team that you are a keen learner. Enlighten them about how your chosen course can add to your existing skill set. 

Though writing a postgraduate essay is a culture in the west, it is relatively new for students studying in India. So the question that strikes the mind is, why is it so? Why do universities/colleges avoid personal statements? 

In India, talent is measured by marks and grades. A general notion with the Indian education system is that children scoring below 90 per cent are considered average and below average with a bleak future. 

The age-old curriculum is still running, which does not offer overall development. Similar are the criteria for getting into universities or presenting your thesis paper. 

The cut-off decides which course you could pursue. Unfortunately, the current education system is theoretical and insignificant practical learning. 

Through the NEP (New Education Policy), a step to revamp the education system is in process. It will be put into action from 2022-23. This might bring in a new creative blend and give recognition to literary subjects. 

The current notion of ‘core subjects’ needs to be changed. Teaching them how to go about a postgraduate essay is essential as it is a crucial requirement for many universities like- Imperial College, London; University of Toronto, Canada; University of Cologne, Germany, to name a few. 

Some universities try to chalk out a simpler admission process; this way, the universities can attract humongous applications. 

Skimming through the applications can be exhausting, and to avoid this, the universities turn a blind eye to save time. However, professional courses such as engineering and nursing do require such documents. 

Universities prefer setting different sets of admission guidelines, like setting cutoffs. 

As Michael Lee quotes: 

“The first draft reveals the art; revision reveals the artist.”

None of your documents should be sent through without essay editing. If you are stuck, you can choose essay help through authentic sources.

The essential step in the entire writing process is editing. After writing the personal statement's first draft, give yourself a break. 

Start afresh and then start with the editing; remember that this essay editing will land you in the best of universities with the desired course. In addition, essay editing enhances your dependability; your writing should be a tour for the reader. 

The final and another important aspect of writing a personal statement is- How to conclude it? What should the ending paragraph consist of? 

The end should be brief, concise, and memorable, leaving absolutely no doubt with the admission officer that you’ve earned a spot on a course. Do not prattle on or repeat yourself; the conclusion should be such that it weaves all your indispensable ideas together. 

Just like the entire statement, it should be concise yet explanatory. Do not forget to end it on a positive note. Try adding some short and simple quotes or jingles to ease it up. 

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Recently Asked Question

What is a postgraduate essay confused to be?

The postgraduate essay should not be confused with an application for a job you submit to the university. It’s about you and how the environment suits your wants and needs. Avoid using cliche and generic terms, and don’t get all praise about the university. It shouldn’t be anything fancy and all praises- something the reader already knows.

Be authentic, real and true- let them know about you and not just your achievements. Repetition of information is a big no! Just like a compass, it should guide you to what you’ve done and what you’ve researched. Lastly, it isn’t about writing a scientific paper- you don’t need to be robotic. You could google for essay help to give it a correct structure. Present yourself as if you were asked to communicate with a stranger, yet be affectionate.

Should the same sample/postgraduate essay be sent for different applications?

No, you should not send the same sample for different applications. Which then targets the importance of research. Part of doing a post-scale exploration, even if it's a PhD, is to show that you’ve understood the domain you are stepping in. Your essay should be tailored with its unique quality and avoid overlapping of information.

Many of the applicants send through the same mail by just editing the name of the university. This is a colossal mistake! Some want to know about your uniqueness; some might want to know about your extracurricular activities. Some might want to know the drive to choose a field study or research.

Another reason to avoid it is because of the errors. The academic officers know exactly when the same template is sent over, and sending the same content gets a little embarrassing.

How long should the essay be?

It is generally short and ranges from 700 words approx. It should be structured well and avoid grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Every line that you write should be taught and studied carefully. Cast back on what the prerequisites are. Go through the draft multiple times, research and learn about everything mandatory.

Take a week or more to develop a draft. However, the final draft might take some time. Don’t lose hope, and focus on what is required of you. Since the required length is short, do not think to stuff everything in it. Add only what’s relevant and try to be minimalistic.

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