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Argumentative Essay Writing Service

Argumentative Essay Writing Service

Best Essay Writing Services provides its students with the assistance required to improve their grades. The assistance can be writing an essay for a student, performing a quality check, and proofreading an essay written by the student.

A student finds the need to contact a professional expert when they need to save their grades or cannot complete their essays due to one reason or another.

A student is generally unable to complete their essay due to many factors that include –

  • Language barriers lead to difficulty understanding a subject, gaining concept clarity or clarifying various doubts.
  • Difficulty in attending classes online due to video and sound breakage (especially during the pandemic)
  • The inability of a student to be good in every subject that they are undertaking
  • Simultaneous submissions of numerous essays for different subjects
  • Inability to understand the new teaching style and marking methods
  • Time management issues
  • Confusion between the spellings to be used – American or British
  • I need to have the pre-requisite knowledge required by the student before attending a lecture.
  • Inability to understand the writing standards that the university requires
  • Juggling between essays, university life, self-study and job work often leads to students needing to catch up in their lectures and essay submissions.
  • Facing difficulty in conducting a relevant and appropriate research

A student is asked to complete several essays in their university life. One essay that requires a student to keep an open mind and investigate a topic is an Argumentative Essay.

An essay of an argumentative nature requires a student to collect, present and evaluate evidence to investigate the given topic while establishing their stand on the topic in a well-defined and concise manner.

Once students are sure it would be impossible to complete such an essay, they seek professional help to ease their university life.

Outsourcing an essay to an expert writer guarantees good grades and saves students time for self-studying or doing any other activity without worrying about their essays.

Before delegating the essay to an expert, the student generally seeks answers to basic questions about Argumentative Essays, which are –

What are the steps to writing an Argumentative Essay?

Answer: The following steps should be followed while writing an Argumentative Essay –

  • Introducing the problem or topic of the essay
  • Explaining your perspective and stand on the essay
  • Explaining the perspective of your opponent
  • Refuting the opponent's points of perception one by one
  • Presenting the evidence to support your stand in an organized manner
  • Concluding the argument

Another format that is used to write an Argumentative Essay includes the following steps –

  • Claim – includes a clearly stated thesis statement or the argument
  • Reasons – includes pieces of evidence along with generally accepted facts
  • Warrant – includes the connection that is present between the writer's stand and the reasons to avoid any confusion
  • Backing – includes additional evidence
  • Qualifier – includes limits and concessions to the writer's claim
  • Rebuttal – includes the opposing point of view and criticism of the writer's claim

What is the primary purpose of an Argumentative Essay?

Answer: The primary purpose of an Argumentative Essay is to provide a well-structured, well-organized and well-reasoned conclusion to an argument that can persuade the audience to accept or seriously consider the writer's perception and point of view.

An Argumentative Essay is generally written to either change people's perception or make them accept a new point of view resulting in a changed action or new behaviour of the target audience.

The writer should write the entire essay in a clear, impactful and well-defined manner that the target audience understands.

What should be avoided while writing an Argumentative Essay?

Answer: An Argumentative Essay should avoid the following –

  • Skipping Outline – an outline provides a structure to your essay and skipping it leads to a poorly structured or organized essay.
  • Inadequate Research – a writer fails to provide enough evidence to support their argument to the required level by performing inadequate Research.
  • Ambiguous Thesis Statement – it is essential to have a clear and well-defined thesis statement, as the entire essay is based on the content and context of the thesis statement. Therefore, it should be understandable to the target audience.
  • Arguments – there are two mistakes that a writer makes concerning arguments:
  • We are not providing evidence to support their argument, making it unconvincing.
  • I was not paying attention to counterarguments.
  • Clumsy Conclusion – the Conclusion should reiterate the thesis statement clearly and concisely without adding new ideas. Additionally, it should impact the target audience and persuade them to receive your argument positively.

What should be done while writing an Argumentative Essay?

Answer: While writing an Argumentative Essay, the writer should do the following –

  • The essay guidelines should be read carefully and followed to the T.
  • Ensures that all the citations are done accurately.
  • Attribute every idea to its relevant source to avoid plagiarism
  • Ensure that the essay is organized logically and efficiently flows from one argument to another
  • Make sure that the arguments presented are relevant to the topic of discussion
  • Carefully proofread the entire essay to avoid losing marks unnecessarily

Once students have clarity on Argumentative Essays, they feel confident in outsourcing the essay to an expert, as they can verify whether the essay is accurate.

The decision to select the best essay help platform needs knowledge and understanding of the various options that are present online. 

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Recently Asked Question

List the five main parts of an argumentative essay.

Answer – The five main parts of an argumentative essay are –

 Hook  

 Background Information

 Claim/Thesis

 Support/Evidence

 Concessions/Counterclaim

 Refutations

 Call to Action

What makes an argumentative essay excellent?

Answer – The following pointers make an argumentative essay excellent –

 In-depth, adequate and relevant research from reliable sources

 Showcasing the writer’s point of view clearly and in a defined manner in the thesis statement

 Relate every argument of the essay to the thesis statement

 Logical flow of the essay’s content

 Provide references from every source used in the essay

How do you start an argumentative paragraph?

Answer – For any essay, the start or introduction must be well-drafted so that the reader continues to read the entire essay. For an argumentative essay, the writer should take the following steps to write the introductory paragraph –

 Start the essay with a hook or an interesting fact that interests the audience in reading your complete essay

 Include the background of the essay’s topic so that the readers can understand the entire subject in a better light

 Include your thesis statement, which should be communicated to the readers in a specific, defined and clear manner

 Include only the introduction and leave out any evidence or argument for the latter part of the essay

What is the basic structure of an argument?

Answer – An argument includes two main parts – a premise or evidence and a conclusion. Without evidence, an argument becomes an opinion of an individual, and without a conclusion, the writer’s stand on the subject remains unknown and unclear. Therefore, to make a valid and strong argument in an argumentative essay, each point of argument must have a premise and a conclusion.

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