Our Refund Policy

  • A canceled order is possible 15 days before the deadline, which is communicated at the time of the assignment. The amount paid will be adjusted to reflect any subsequent assignment orders.
  • If the work on a project was already initiated by our experts and the project has been shared, and depending on the development of the project, which is in this case, anything greater than 10-30% has been already written then we will not consider any request for refund in the future, nor make any adjustments or swap the payment to another assignment. In case a payment is made multiple times, the payment will be returned to the applicants.
  • If a person or an individual is unable to obtain the required grade to continue his academic curriculum, we will pay back the fees up to a specified limit for the particular assignment depending on the written feedback provided by the college or university professor stating the cause for his low grades.
  • We will refund 50% of project charges after the above conditions or any other requirements that are communicated at the time are met by the candidate. The evidence must be provided by the applicant and the burden to provide the same is the responsibility of the candidate. In case the instructions weren't clarified at the time when the project was handed in, the refund is not completed.
  • We have a clear refund policy, if there is no change to the terms or instructions that the project was issued, and our authors are not capable of obtaining the grade they needed to pass, we will reimburse 50% of the upfront payment received. After verification and by the amount of time and effort needed to complete the remaining work we will begin the process of refund.
  • We follow the global sale& buy policy that "Once a good once sold & used cannot be refunded back ". However, in case we discover that the low marks scored (below pass marks) are due to our inability to grasp the essential concept, from the relevant information given by the candidates or did not update your developments as per the notion. Our writers avoid Google content and AI content and drafts original articles based on research, class modules, lecture slides, and presentation.
  • We also offer a variety of revisions or modifications to essay and thesis projects. The changes are, provided that the subject and instructions of the project's specifications do not alter from the original information shared with us at the time of initiating the service deal. We guarantee you quality services since our subject specialists are top academic writers and we are eager to aid you with the completion of your assigned essay work.
  • Our caution though, is don't copy from the original, as it is meant to be used as a reference

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