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Reflective Essay Writing Service

Reflective Essay Writing Service

International students often require expert essay help as they must complete their essays on time or according to university specifications.

Being new to the academic style, students take time to adjust and understand the writing standard, format, and structure of the essay that the university requires.

The students need to pay attention to the rubric or be aware of certain referencing styles, which costs them their grades.

Additionally, the students are under much pressure to succeed in their university. The added pressure is caused due to the enormous investments made by the student's families for their education.

When students are under such massive stress of doing well, following university writing standards, and submitting quality essays on time, they often fall behind in their classes because of continuous worry.

As a result, international students require expert essay assistance to handle their essays and concentrate on their studies and classroom discussions and quizzes.

Throughout university life, students are assigned various essays for completion and submission. The essay helps the assessor formulate the student's final term grade, impacting their future job placements.

One type of essay that helps the assessor analyze the writing, articulate, and evaluate the student's skills is a Reflective Essay.

An essay of a reflective nature requires students to examine the experiences that they have had in their lives.

To understand the essay in a better manner, a student often seeks answers to the following fundamental questions – 

What is a reflective essay?

Answer: A reflective essay is an approximately 500–1000-word essay that allows the writer to reflect on their past experiences in a well-organized and articulated manner.

A reflective essay includes an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Depending upon the content of the essay, a reflective essay may also consist of references if it is based on some textbooks or theories.

The essay also contains a clear thesis statement that establishes the introduction of the reflective essay.

A reflective essay should contain a minimum of 3 paragraphs where the hook and the thesis statement are present in the introduction; primary ideas and arguments are presented in the main body; the crux of the entire essay and the learnings from experience are included in the conclusion.

What are the types of reflective essays?

Answer: A reflective essay is generally of the following types –

  • Academic – an essay was written as a part of a university or college course that an assessor assesses.
  • Personal – an essay written as a personal journal or diary used to record the writer's thoughts for their benefit.

What are the features that reflective essays must have?

Answer: Reflective essays must have the following features –

  • First-person should be used in essays like I, My, Myself, and Mine.
  • Third-person should be used if their theory is included in the essay
  • For an experience past tense should be used, and the writer should use the present tense for an academic theory
  • The essay should use formal language
  • The essay should support arguments with evidence
  • Information resources should be correctly referenced
  • Learnings from experience should be included while sharing how they will impact the future.

How to write a reflective essay?

Answer: A reflective essay is challenging to write as it reflects upon the writer's feelings. To write a reflective essay smoothly, it is essential to select and write about an event and then follow the given steps –

  • Description – describe the entire event in a well-structured manner or chronologically
  • Interpret/Analyze – describe the feeling or the method used to deal with the event. Additionally, identify the most critical aspect of the event.
  • Evaluate – Perform an evaluation of the experience's learnings that have helped the writer grow significantly.

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Recently Asked Question

What are some tips for writing a reflective essay?

Answer – Tips to write a reflective essay are –

 Be objective about the event or situation that is covered in the essay.

 Understand that the passage of time and the emotional or mental state of the person changes their outlook toward a particular event or situation

 Try writing about the event or situation as soon as it happens to include maximum memorisation of the event.

 Be honest

 Talk about only important events.

 Positively use reflection to develop and hone your skills.

 Be descriptive

 Keep the essay formal.

 Base the essay on personal experience, including some factual material

What are the steps to writing a reflective essay?

Answer – Steps used to write a reflective essay are –

 Selecting the topic for reflection

 Making a mind map

 Writing an introduction that is solid, clear and understandable

 Each body paragraph must focus on one point and provide arguments, ideas, or examples.

 Briefly summarise the thoughts of the entire essay in the opening lines of the conclusion.

What is the purpose of a reflective essay?

Answer – A reflective essay helps a writer understand and analyse a past event in their lives and learn from it. It helps to bridge the gap between theories and practical. The essay provides a learning experience for the writer.

What is the goal of the reflective essay’s introduction?

Answer - The introduction to a reflective essay is a small section of the complete essay and usually contains about 200 words. Its primary purpose is to introduce the writer and reflect briefly upon the writing knowledge of the writer, their growth as well as improvement areas.

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