Assessment Answers of SITHKOP002 - Plan & Cost Basic Menu

Assessment Answers of SITHKOP002 - Plan & Cost Basic Menu

SITHKOP002 describes the skills, knowledge, and performance necessary to plan and cost basic menus across all food service styles for recipes and food product categories. This requires the ability to know customer preferences and evaluate their success. This course applies to hospitality and catering organizations.

Assessment Answers of SITHKOP002 - Plan & Cost Basic Menu

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Review our "SITHKOP002 - Plan & Cost Basic Menu" assignment question/answers below and take your culinary skills to the next level with our expert guidance!–

Ques 1: Discuss the main points to be considered while writing the menu, planning, and fixing the cost.


  • Food availability
  • Type of service and food delivery system
  • Business and Philosophy of Food Service Operations
  • Food Costs and Budgetary Goals of the Food Service Operation
  • Production capacity, including available equipment and personnel

Ques 2: How do you measure the success or popularity of your menu item?


Essential metrics for measuring success and popularity include menu item food cost, menu item food cost percentage, contribution margin and amount sold or frequency of sales.

Ques 3: What is the purpose of the breakfast buffet?

Ans. A typical buffet will provide hot foods like bacon, sausage, fried potatoes or hash browns, scrambled eggs, toast, muffins, croissants, other baked goods, yogurt, fruit, and cereal. Guests can select their favourite foods and consume as much of the buffet-style breakfast as they like.

Ques 4: What are seasonal products?

Ans. Seasonal products are those services or products that are either: (a) not available in the market during certain seasons or (b) available throughout the year but with regular fluctuations in prices or quantities that vary with the season.

Ques 5: List some different types of cuisines.

Ans. Types of cuisines-

  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Italian Cuisine
  • Greek Cuisine
  • Spanish Cuisine
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Ques 6: Why is it important to use descriptive writing in menus?

Ans. Using descriptive words on your menu can increase sales by up to 27%. Of course, some words are food-related adjectives (more about those in a moment). However, they also focus on what differentiates your menu items from your competitors.

Ques 7: List some tips to boost sales of menu items


  • Maximize your current menu items.
  • Create enthusiasm among your team.
  • Notify the right people.
  • Create a press release.
  • Host Tasting.

Ques 8: Why is it essential to adjust and improve the menu regularly?

Ans. Changing the menu will keep your restaurant fresh, attract new customers, and spark new interest. You can also follow food trends such as the rise of a vegan lifestyle, locally sourced ingredients, and some ingredients like avocados.

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