After the long , stretched war of 200 days, Ukraine has recaptured the Izyum, Kupiansk and Balakliya from Russian military control. 

This tussle between governments has not only disrupted the political and economic functions in the country but also punished the citizens for being a part of that country. This all started with the collapse of the Soviet Union. After the fragmentation, Ukraine became independent with some control of the Russian government on it. Russia was not ready to let Ukraine free from their control . As the first step, it captured Crimea forcefully, which created a spark for the fire. This move of Russia was being criticised by many developed nations. Later, in 2021 when Ukraine decided to be a part of NATO, Russia opposed that decision and, in Feb. 2022, invaded the south and east of Ukraine. This war, in the beginning, had different motives, but with the passage of time, the thing which is constant is the deterioration of resources and people losing their loved ones. Russia’s obstinate behaviour during the war stretches the whole thing and undoubtedly causes harm to humanity in the end. If Ukraine was a member of NATO, then maybe the situation would have been totally different. And on the other side if Ukraine had not decided to move forward with the NATO alliance may have subsided the war situation much earlier. So it takes two to make a quarrel, both are equally blamed for this situation which is affecting none other than humanity.

According to UNITED NATIONS, around five thousand people have lost their lives in this horrific war. Innocent kids and people are being affected by the blackouts and food scarcity in the State. The refugee condition is increasing in the neighbouring countries, causing danger to the indigenous people of that specific country.

In a recent statement by OECD and WTO, this war is not only going to affect Russia and Ukraine’s economy, but it is also going to cause supply and demand issues on a global basis. Both countries are among the largest suppliers of agricultural commodities to many nations. Disruption in the supply will affect the price rise and cause stagflation. 

On the one hand, China is enjoying supremacy in the export sector because of the various sanctions by G-7 countries on Russia and making it one step closer to becoming a global power. In contrast to this, Egypt is facing a massive rise in hunger due to this conflict.

So, right now, it’s not about one country; it’s a global issue that has to take a full stop for a better and peaceful world, as stated in sustainable goal no.16. 

 Negotiation is the only step toward a better future.  The only problem is the search for the right platform which will suppress the conflict and find the best solution for both countries. 

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