A nursing essay is an academic document about a nursing topic whose purpose is to demonstrate your expertise in applying to a nursing school or nursing program. A nurse should also be able to write a nursing essay. It is a wonderful tool to advance your career and emphasize essential topics or unusual examples. While you may not have the time to craft a quality nursing essay, a professional essay writer can help deliver a quality piece that will help advance your career.

This type of essay is highly intellectual and designed for an educated audience, which makes it different from the typical essays you might write in high school or other formal academic contexts.

What is the purpose of a nursing essay?

A nursing essay is a piece of writing that summarizes a student's knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs). As part of the application process, nursing essays are important documents. Therefore, nursing essay is also called a "nursing application essay".

The nursing essay assesses your ability to meet the requirements for admission to the nursing program. In addition, it helps you demonstrate your interest in nursing and how you can contribute to the success of healthcare professionals in general. Therefore, nurses must write this essay to enter the nursing program.

How to structure a nursing paper

You must follow the required structure to get the highest grade possible for your paper. Any essay is a structured piece, and the fact that you are writing a paper in nursing should not make your writing awkward and inhibited. Check how to structure your project.


The first paragraph of your writing should introduce your topic, introduce the major ideas you will discuss, and set an appropriate tone for the entire project. Try Including a Thesis Statement at the End of Your Paper.


When you write the body part, you need to refer to the thesis statement. Each paragraph has to develop one new idea and one idea only. When you write the main paragraph, start with a topic sentence, add some explanation and justification, and end the paragraph with a summary.

When you write a paragraph, you add context. This is the point you have to expand and develop upon. Use context to support your argument, and develop ideas using your own words.


Conclude the paper with a summary of the key aspects you discussed. Never introduce new ideas, and try to change the focus of your writing. The conclusion is to summarize the same ideas from the position of evaluation.

How to write a nursing essay

Understand the requirements of the assignment

Read the essay question carefully to get some ideas about your essay. The assignment may instruct you to analyze, discuss, or explain a topic or specific issue, etc. To make your essay successful, you must understand and interpret the essay's question very well.

Find a topic

This step is when your professor or instructor hasn't provided a topic for discussion. You need to brainstorm various topics to find a good topic to write about for your nursing essay. Make sure you choose a topic that has some interest in you. This will make the research process easier as you will be acting as one of your audience.

Do extensive research

Look at all the reliable sources in the library, the Internet, and databases. Gather enough information as you narrow down your topic to find a specific topic. Do not forget to note down everything while reading and mention the source of your information to make referencing part easier.

Come up with an outline

You need a detailed plan for what you want to include in your nursing essay. First, list the different subtopics you want to cover in your essay. Then, you will develop a balanced and logical nursing essay as you categorise the information.

Write an introduction

An introduction is a paragraph that gives the reader an idea of what to expect throughout the essay. Briefly outline the information to include in your body paragraphs. Show why your topic is essential for research.

Write body paragraphs

Like other types of essays, a nursing essay consists of two to three body paragraphs. However, this would depend on the depth of the topic of discussion. Each paragraph should have an introductory sentence that contains a new idea. Subsequent sentences should support the idea stated in the topic sentence.


In this part of your essay, sum up all the information discussed in your essay. Consider rephrasing your thesis statement and adding more information. Don't state anything new in the concluding paragraph.

Edit and proofread chunks

After writing your nursing essay:

  1. Make sure the document is error-free by proofreading it.
  2. Make sure everything in the essay sounds logical.
  3. Make sure that all information is placed in the correct subheading.

To sum up

Nursing essays are no different from other essays. However, if you think writing a nursing essay is daunting, now you know it is not. This article has provided a complete guide on writing a compelling nursing essay.

When writing a nursing essay, follow all instructions given by your instructor. First, choose an interesting and attention-grabbing topic. Beyond that, follow a basic five-paragraph structure and place each piece of information in the correct section.

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