An explanatory or expository essay is a general writing assignment. An explanatory essay describes your opinion, another person's idea, a process you followed, or an event.

Instead of critiquing the information or debating its validity, you simply explain it and make it easy for your reader to understand. Once you know the basic building blocks of an explanatory essay, you can write a great essay.

Steps to Write an explanatory Essay

Writing an explanatory or expository essay is a very common task for students. An explanatory essay is comparatively easy to write as it does not require the writer to debate the validity of the information. On the other hand, composing an excellent explanatory essay is easy if a few steps are followed.

Step 1 - Picking a Good Topic: Choosing a topic that a person understands is prudent. But even if you have been assigned a topic about which you have minimal knowledge, it is not very complicated to get information in today's era.

Step 2 - Collecting Evidence: The key to writing an excellent explanatory essay is to collect valid and sufficient information to support the essay. An essay will be well written only when the arguments made in it are strong. Therefore, collecting information from reliable sources is best while writing your essay.

Step 3 - Build a Proper Outline: An outline gives the writer an idea of how they will proceed. It's like outlining your essay, similar to drawing guidelines before drawing the final lines in a piece of artwork.

Step 4 - Fill in the Gaps: The first draft is prepared by presenting the gathered information in the writer's own words. The composition should have at least five paragraphs. However, the word count of each essay varies according to the criteria given or the writer's choice. It is also necessary to examine your writing style so that the explanatory essay you are trying to write sounds different from other essays.

Step 5 - Reread, Edit and Create Final Draft: The last step is crucial when creating the final submittable draft. Revising and editing the essay is the ideal way to polish its quality of the essay. Once satisfied with your writing, you can rewrite it correctly and submit it.

How to write explanatory essay?

Start with research

When writing your essay, it is essential to have facts and support your statements. Although you may be well-versed in the topic you're writing on; research gives you added credibility because you can cite multiple authorities. Spend time researching your information, organizing your notes, and determining the credibility of your research sources.

Develop a thesis

Now that you've researched your subject, you need to determine the angle you want to capture it. First, ensure that your reader understands the topic you are writing about. For example, if your subject is digital technology, you could write a paper that explains how digital technology can be used in the classroom. Your thesis statement might be: "Digital technology enhances the learning experience by engaging students, accessing multiple learning styles, and connecting students around the world." The remainder of the essay will explain how digital technology serves those three purposes.

Organize your writing

An outline helps you organize your thoughts. Even if you choose not to follow a formal outline structure, you should use some pre-writing strategies to make sure your ideas are logical and well-organized. Clustering, looping, freewriting, and brainstorming are all good pre-writing strategies. If you follow your organizational plan, drafting your essay will be smooth.

Draft and proofread

Now that you have your research and plan start drafting your essay. When writing, stick to the facts and avoid adding your own biases or opinions. Be sure to cite sources for your references. Finally, proofread and spell check for clarity. Many web-based spelling and grammar checkers are available to supplement your proofreading efforts.

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