Many competitive exams require you to write an opinion essay on the topics mentioned. This essay type aims to get your opinion on particular topics and issues. A formal piece of writing is an opinion essay. You must support your points of view with sound reasoning and arguments. Opinion essays are classified into two types:

  • One-sided opinion essay
  • Two-Sided Opinion Essay

As the name suggests, in a one-sided opinion essay, all the arguments oppose or favour a particular thing. However, you need to present different points of view in a two-sided essay. The essay can also express your opinion directly or indirectly.

What is an opinion essay?

An opinion essay is a nonfiction piece where the author presents a thesis that includes their point of view about a particular topic. This essay requires the writer to provide an argument to prove their thesis and use logical reasoning to support their claim. This type of essay begins with a question the author seeks to answer. For example, what are the benefits of globalization for developing countries? To answer these types of questions, it is necessary to research the topics and develop a more comprehensive opinion that can persuade the reader to agree with the author's point of view.

Opinion essay structure

The format and structure of any essay must be followed. For example, the same applies to an opinion essay that follows a standard five-paragraph structure.

Let us look at the detailed opinion essay format structure below.


  • Catch the audience's interest with a hook statement
  • Submit your opinion
  • Introduce the main topic
  • State the thesis statement

Body paragraph 1

  • Include the first reason in your topic sentence
  • Supporting evidence
  • Fact / Example

Body paragraph 2

  • Include the second reason in your topic sentence
  • Supporting evidence
  • Fact/Example

Body paragraph 3

  • Include the third reason in your topic sentence
  • Supporting evidence
  • Fact/Example


  • Summarize your opinion
  • Restate thesis statement

How To Write A Good Opinion Essay?

Several cues make your essay more engaging than a Martin Luther King speech. Some tips are essential and relevant not only for homework but for any written communication. Here are seven writing tips that help win reader's appreciation:

  • Develop the outline of an opinion essay before writing, removing ineffective argumentative arguments and leaving only the strong points that make up your point.
  • Conduct preliminary research on the topic, as it helps consolidate your ideas. There is a possibility that reading someone else's essay may change your mind. Is it surprising? No way! Save that essay as an adequate sample till you develop your conviction. Always try to improve it while avoiding inconsistency and ambiguity.
  • Choose only reputable, reliable sources to include in an essay because valid supporting ideas are only found in such sources. In addition, all Canadian universities provide free access to academic databases from which many reputed articles and books can be obtained. Thus, this opportunity should not be missed.
  • Proofread the completed essay carefully. Done already? Take a few more minutes to search and proofread again - you'd be surprised how many elements can be changed to improve readability and coherence. Some elements include the absence of proper punctuation, academic vocabulary, the use of linking words, and typos.
  • Stick to the chosen opinion essay format, as the reader may get confused if too many different formats are used in your essay. Using only that format and following its requirements shows you respect your reader.
  • Think about the possible ways the reader might react to your decision. This will help you avoid potential flaws in your argument and better understand the other's point of view. Thinking about the needs of the audience helps in improving the text. Such skills are helpful when a situation requires compromise.
  • Avoid confusing opinion essays with other types of academic writing, such as argumentative or expository essays. It is better to read about all the differences between various tasks and only then start brainstorming and writing. Although the structure is similar in most aspects, the nature of opinion and argumentative essays are different and should not be confused.

Tips for Writing Opinion Essays

You should follow the tips and write a great opinion essay.

  • Before writing, develop your perspective on the topic.
  • Use an active voice.
  • Choose an interesting and engaging topic.
  • Start with an attention-grabbing hook statement.
  • Never title your essay with a question.
  • Use supporting evidence to validate your position.
  • Use transition words between or within sentences.
  • Research the topic deeply and understand them thoroughly.
  • Organize your writing in a logical, easy-to-follow manner.
  • Keep your writing style formal.
  • Start with a strong argument.
  • Understand audience interest.
  • First, prepare the outline of the essay and then start writing the essay.
  • Avoid introducing new ideas or information in the conclusion of the essay.


Opinion writing is a form of academic paper that asks students to include their thoughts on a particular topic. A logical explanation and examples then support this. Becoming more knowledgeable is a practical way to learn how to write an opinion letter successfully. Before writing anything, it is essential to refer to important information. It includes definitions, topics, examples and requirements for opinion writing. It is this skill that transforms amateur writers into masters.

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