An interview essay is an essay written about an interview. For example, a teacher may assign a student to interview someone; after that, the student writes the essay. Another type of interview essay is written after a job interview by a prospective employee thanking an employer for the opportunity to interview. Sometimes a potential employer writes an interview essay to a potential employee describing how well the interview went and asked the employee to be a part of their organization. Many interview essays depend on the need and who is writing the essay. Still, the main point of an interview essay is that one person has had an interview with another person and the essay summarizes it.

What is an interview paper?

An interview paper is an academic essay that provides different perspectives or points of view on a particular subject or topic by interviewing one or more people and gathering enough knowledge and research to write a stellar paper.

The most important difference is that interview essays are based on authentic and authoritative sources in their field, unlike other essay writing assignments where your references and sources are scholarly books and reading materials.

How to Write an Interview Essay

Choosing a topic

The first thing to do is choose a topic. Your professor will guide you (such as a family member) or allow you to choose anyone you want. Of course, the cooperation of the interviewer is essential. Regardless of the person's interest, you'll have to choose someone else if they don't want to interview you. Don't ignore people you think don't have a lot of interesting things to offer. Everyone has a story, and you might be surprised by everything you didn't know about a seemingly boring person.

Identify the purpose of the paper

The primary purpose of the paper will determine your topic, the topics the paper will cover, introduce new concepts, and resonate with your readers.

Suppose your paper is about an opinionated statement. In that case, it is advisable to get interviewed by an authoritative person who is concerned and has sufficient knowledge of the subject matter to give valuable insight.

On the other hand, if your paper is about a public opinion or topic, it is essential to gather the viewpoints of many people to understand different viewpoints on a central issue.

Finally, if your paper is on a medical, health, or scientific topic, it is best practice to have your interview with someone who has expert knowledge in these areas.

Prepare interview questions

Asking good questions is an essential part of writing a great interview letter. If your research is comprehensive, you can easily develop relevant questions for your interview letter. It's always a good idea to use both open-ended and closed-ended questions. Open-ended questions, with in-depth explanations of complex issues for non-professionals, allow the interviewer to give a free answer. The purpose of limited questions is to get a yes or no answer on some subject. Prepare a long list of interview questions, so you have enough options to choose from during the interview.

You can also highlight some questions that you think are more important and may need clarification. But, again, asking those questions at the beginning of the interview may be a good idea to maximize your time with the interviewer.

Conduct of interview

Make sure your subject is comfortable for the best results during the interview process. While it may be easier for you to work with a video camera or audio recorder, it can be jarring for your interviewer. So check before bringing any additional recording equipment. At the very least, set it up in an unobtrusive location so your conversation can flow freely. Also, don't be afraid to delve deep into your subject's life. You will often find the true gems by allowing your subject to jump from topic to the topic more naturally. Come up with a standard list of questions to keep things moving, but don't be afraid to stray.


Mastering the art of writing interview papers is no easy feat. It takes time and requires practice to get good at it.

To help you score well on this assignment, consider keeping up with our effective and simple best practices for enhancing your writing and interviewing skills.

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