Admit it! We all sweat a little when we have to write an essay. However, when it comes to writing an inspirational essay, there is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the essay writer. Not only does he have to create a properly structured essay, but the essay should give the readers a sense of encouragement and hope.

Following are the essential tips that will help you write an inspirational essay.

Inspirational Essay Tips for Students

The purpose of an inspirational essay is to give the audience something deep and meaningful to think about. Therefore, you must tell a story that provides comfort, encouragement, hope or food for thought.

To achieve this, you need excellent writing skills and a lot of patience. Here are our essential tips that will help you do your assignment.

Know your audience

When writing an inspirational essay, you must know your target audience. For example, suppose you are writing an essay for school children. In that case, the method of writing an inspirational essay will be completely different than that of writing an inspirational essay for senior citizens.

Write down all the inspiring topics you have in mind based on your target audience. Then, when you know your readers, you can better choose from a list of inspiring topics.

After you finalize your topic, you can easily expand on it. Be sure to use transition words and phrases that connect the ideas you'll present in your essay around the main topic.


Consider the audience for whom you are writing the inspirational essay. For example, if you're writing for high school graduates, your approach and topic will be different than writing for seniors.

Write down all your essay topic ideas. Keep your audience in mind, but don't limit yourself; Write down any inspiring story, topic or idea you can think of.

Review your inspiring thoughts. Take note of the ideas you like and cross out the ones you don't.

Expand on your chosen idea. Once you've decided on a topic, think about the main message you want to send with your persuasive essay. Write down any supporting thoughts or anecdotes that go along with your core message. For example, if you're writing an inspirational essay for graduating seniors, your main message might be "Follow your dreams, no matter what."

Create an outline of your essay about inspiration

Creating an outline is the most challenging part of the writing task. In this step, you will have to put all your ideas, anecdotes, and arguments together. Most students struggle with this stage, so it can be helpful to get assignment help to get through this challenge faster. If you are stuck, an online custom essay writing service can assist you. These services can help ensure that your essays will meet the following criteria:

  • Interesting introduction that engages readers
  • Personal Anecdotes and Stories for Authenticity
  • an inspirational core message
  • The body of the essay should contain poignant arguments
  • Call to action in the conclusion

Write an introduction that compels the audience to read on.

Remember that you are writing an inspirational essay. Therefore, it becomes all the more necessary for you to write an introduction that grabs the readers' attention and compels them to keep reading further.

Although this advice applies to any essay, This becomes even more important when writing a persuasive essay. For example, you can't afford to write a dull introduction to an inspirational essay.

If you fail to grab the reader's attention at the beginning, a large proportion of the readers will not feel like reading the rest of the essay and are more likely to skip reading your presentation.

Conclude it with a call to action

There are many inspirational topics to write about, but they should all lead to a life lesson that the readers can easily assimilate and integrate into their lives. Make sure your essay doesn't end abruptly for this to work.

Put the audience on the spot with a call to action that inspires them to take action. Motivation is meant to motivate people to act. Without a call to action, your text will be meaningless.

Final words

Writing a persuasive essay is a big task. Along with conveying your ideas to the readers, you also have an additional responsibility to inspire them. Therefore, you will need to do more research to ensure that your essay's words are compelling enough to inspire readers.

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