When we use the word 'image', what comes to mind? Well, it will be more like a picture than writing. What is the reason for describing an essay as a 'picture' essay? This is because this type of article looks exactly like a picture. This means that this beautiful essay will help the readers see the event or incident described instead of reading it. We cannot deny that you may face many obstacles while writing this essay.

This is where our professional essay writers come into the scene and guide them with some easy tips and tricks for writing descriptive essays. In this blog, we will walk you through these articles and try to simplify the process. BEWS is one of the names that students keep their fingers on whenever they need instant academic help for any of their academic needs.

Without further ado, let's begin.

What is an illustration essay?

An illustration essay, also known as an example paper, is an informational essay whose purpose is to establish that something exists and behaves in a certain way. The writer must include practical information and their definition to establish an argument. The illustration essay does not present or prove a new theory or solution; However, this is only a summary of past experiences used as examples to clarify the issue. Examples help write a strong image essay.

A writer needs to explain the topic idea only by supporting facts rather than focusing on new findings. A series of facts and examples help readers visualize the situation and make illustrations an essential part of the essay. Experiences, people and situations should be used to make the issue more real.

A step-by-step guide to writing an illustration essay

Step 1: Choose a topic. 

Think of something that bothers you, identify the main object, and then write about it. Below is a list of illustrative essay topics you can use for inspiration.

Step 2. Do some research. 

Even if you know the chosen topic well, check the latest news. You may find helpful content or change your perspective.

Step 3. Write an outline. 

Focus on primary points and ideas. Write as many examples as possible, then choose the best option to illustrate. You will end with an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion.

Step 4. Work on the content. 

Turn your outline into a proper essay. Write a strong thesis. Add the same idea to the conclusion. Explain the example chosen in each main paragraph.

Step 5. Proofread. 

Use plagiarism, check grammar, and only submit an essay that is properly edited. Your idea is original, but poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, or coordination spoil it.

Step 6. Final check. 

Read your final paper one more time before submitting it. Make sure it's interesting to read and answer your questions.

Illustration Essay Structure

Students often seek a reliable illustration essay guide and illustration essay structure. The outline of the image article is as follows:

Introduction: The introduction defines the topic from reliable sources rather than reflecting the author's views. The introduction should be brief, specific and descriptive.

Main Body: The essay's main body is its core. This is where you provide information about the topic in detail. Information should be specific and supported by reliable sources and solid research. All main body paragraphs should generally have some parts like:

  • Topic Statement: The central idea or supporting argument of the paragraph
  • Background Information: Here, the descriptive section is described
  • Research Statement: Explanation of the idea based on systematic research
  • Analysis: Analyzing the research and relating it to the topic and your thesis
  • Transition: Concluding and summarizing a paragraph to move on to the next
  • Conclusion: The conclusion should not be a copy of the points discussed in the essay but effectively conveys the idea of ​​the essay. It should end solidly, leaving little room for ambiguity and leaving the audience with a firm conclusion.

Tips for writing an illustration essay

Collect evidence

The amount of evidence to collect for an illustration essay is directly related to the length of your essay. However, it would help if you focused on gathering more evidence than you need for the essay. Then, when you have more evidence, you can choose the most interesting ideas for the illustration essay that can create strong arguments.

Keep it brief

If the length of the illustration essay needs to be specified, try to keep it short and, at most, three pages long. Avoid including all the ideas you collect in your illustration essay and make it confusing. Instead, choose the strongest and most accurate descriptive evidence in your writing.

Use specific examples

Always explain your ideas in a specific, direct and clear way because readers usually need more time to understand your symbolism. In addition, a clear idea helps create a positive impression on the reader and evoke an emotional response. The best way to be precise in writing your idea is to use your experience and target it to your audience.

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