If you are a student, you will have to complete many written assignments. Dissertations are a common type of task assigned by college and university professors. They assess learners' writing skills and their ability to research, analyze, or critique a question. In addition, a student must be familiar with and adhere to the academic standards of structuring and drafting such written assignments.

What is MLA format?

The Modern Language Association is an organization that was created to develop guidelines on everything related to language and literature. They have guidelines on proper grammar usage and research paper layout. In addition, they have English and Foreign Language Committees, numerous book and journal publications, and an annual conference. They are not linked to this guide, but the information provided reflects the association's rules for formatting papers and citations.

How to write an essay in MLA format

MLA format essays are similar to other types of essays. The basic structure of an MLA essay is an introduction, the body of the essay, and a conclusion.

Introduction to MLA Essay

The introduction is the first paragraph of the essay. In this, you introduce the audience to the topic about which you will write. The tone and thesis given in the introduction should set the context of the entire essay. You should explain to the audience why you will write on that specific thesis, what is interesting, and your overall opinion and point of view. Your instructor's notes will determine the length of the introductory paragraph. Usually, the last sentence in the introduction is the essay's thesis. It is precisely this thesis that you have to support throughout the entire dissertation.

Body of MLA essay

The body of the MLA essay includes transitions, topic sentences, evidence, and a summary of everything that has been written so far in the body. To write a good essay, you should research the thesis thoroughly and prepare your essay well in advance. You can use citations to support your thesis and follow the rules for proper citation when using MLA essay format. Use transitions between paragraphs to keep the essay organized and well-written.

In its essence, the MLA dissertation is like any other research paper. So follow the rules, research the thesis thoroughly, draft it, and start writing.

Conclusion of MLA Essay

It is a general rule to have strong and convincing conclusions in essays. The conclusion is usually one last time summarizing everything you've written so far. Conclusion sentences should be strong and clear. You should give the impression that everything said so far is fair and credible and getting off-topic. Always proofread your essays at least once to remove any grammatical and contextual mistakes you may have made. You can ask a friend for his opinion and give him the essay to read before submitting it to your instructor.

Basic Text Formatting Requirements in MLA Format

Running head and page number

A running head is a small title at the top of each page in the right corner. This title includes the author's last name and page number - followed by a space.

Here are some general rules that apply to running heads and page numbers:

  • This information should be placed in the upper right corner of each work page.
  • The running head consists only of the student's last name, followed by the page number.
  • Do not put the abbreviation p. (for page) before the MLA page number.
  • The running head is located one inch from the right margin of the page and half an inch from the top margin.


The standard MLA margin is one inch. Therefore, each page of your work should have a one-inch margin on each side. The only object visible in the one-inch margin is the running head.


The first word of each new paragraph should have an indent of half an inch from the left margin. All paragraphs should have double spacing. The standard space between the left margin and the beginning of your text is one and a half inches. Use the "Tab" button to set it.


Throughout the paper, use the standard double MLA spacing.

Font and font size

The MLA Format Guide suggests using a Times New Roman font at 12pt size. Although Times New Roman is recommended, students can use other standard fonts.

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