Your first reaction is probably confusing when you hear about an upcoming Discursive essay assignment. If you've never worked with discursive writing, you may not know what it is and how to write an argumentative essay.

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What is a discursive essay?

The purpose of a discursive essay is to elaborate on a given topic in a balanced manner. The subject matter is often a dilemma or problem, so there are usually two or three possible solutions. Therefore, the ideal piece should include comprehensive evidence from all sides of the issue and the current purpose and topic.

The writer should maintain an impersonal style to avoid polarizing things and becoming biased. Many students hire a custom essay writing service because they either take a side or impose their views. As a result, they end up with an argumentative paper, which is entirely different.

The primary objective of an argumentative essay is to unveil the truth by exploring various on-topic arguments. Therefore, proper research, consideration of the issue, and critical thinking are essential aspects of the writing process.

Structure of Discursive Essay

The structure of an essay is one of the essential parts. A student needs to make sure that the discursive essay is correct. And this is the reason why one must know the right structure for a discursive essay-


The introduction is the section where the descriptive essay writer has to introduce the topic. This is also the section where the author must provide a literary hook to the audience. This literary hook is any piece of information that is related to the topic and will draw the audience towards the topic.

Main body

This is the main essence of the discursive essay, in which the student must fill the entire portion. Ideally, one should divide the main body of the argumentative essay into various smaller paragraphs or sections. For example, one can highlight the problem in the first paragraph. Then, the second paragraph is used to build the argument. Finally, the following paragraph may present evidence for the argument.


Finally, briefly summarize each key point to remap what you've written.

Suppose a student finds it difficult to follow such a structure. In that case, they should consider getting online assignment help from the best and most professional academic writing service-providing company or organization.

How to Write Discursive Essay:

We are discussing "How to write a persuasive essay?" But provide right direction. These are the following steps that a candidate must follow:

Set a topic:

In the first step, you should decide or select the topic you want to write about. The main advantage of the discursive essay is that many topics are available for writing the essay. The main disadvantage is that the writer gets confused while selecting a topic. As a result, you have two options available to you:

  • You can choose the subject from the available list.
  • You can use your unique theme.

Consider the main ideas of the topic:

The success of the discursive essay depends on this step. It contains various concepts and arguments related to the subject. You should feel free to present your idea and discuss the topic enthusiastically. It would be great to have the topic's three to five pros and cons. You should clearly explain to your readers why the stated argument is inconclusive.

Write on the subject:

In this, you start writing on the topic which you have already selected. It consists of three parts:

  • First of all, introduce yourself on your topic. , It should provide information about your topic or topic so that your point of view convinces the audience. It should conclude with a thorough comprehension of the topic or subjects.
  • The body of an essay consists of three to five paragraphs that contain your arguments and statements for discussion.
  • The conclusion contains the complete summarized opinion of the author.


The best way to become an essay writer is to become an avid reader of good writing. In this step, you read your essay and pay attention to how you write your argumentative essay and how it relates to the topic from beginning to end.

No matter what you write, editing is essential to the writing process. Let your argumentative essay sit for a few hours. Then stand up and walk away from it. Do something different and then return and read your essay with your readers in mind.


A Discursive essay is an essay that presents an argument for or against a topic. There are different types of discursive essays. That is why we at Best Essay Writing Service have provided students with online assignment help. Working on any kind of argumentative essay is not an easy task. Students should follow some essential tips to make their work a little easier. Some tips include researching, defining the topic, writing the essay according to the formal structure, and presenting the argument with evidence.

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