Christmas celebration 2022 at a glance

After years of subdued Christmas celebrations worldwide, this Christmas marked some orthodox to the US being hit by the snowstorm; this Christmas was filled with some uncommon events. Go through the article to see the compiled collection of some of the major events around the world this Christmas.

Breaking the chains

In Ukraine, where Christmas was celebrated on the historic 25th of December this year, rather than the conventional 7th of January, as followed in Russian Culture, it was seen as stepping out of the Russian umbrella, making it a symbol of freedom and revolt by Ukrainians at the same time. The move was historic and gathered international media attention. Hindustan Times saw this as a “breaking Christmas tradition in war”, whereas “the guardian” and “the Washington Post” viewed this phenomenon as the “first time in Ukrainian History”.

While many refugees fled from the nation and celebrated their first Christmas away from home, few hesitated and feared to even light even a candle this Christmas following mass shootings and frequent bombings.

Fitness first

While most focus on eating wholesome dinners and entertaining themselves with parties and dances all around the Christmas season, these people preferred celebrations with racing badges and prioritizing health over pleasure.

In Spain, the annual Christmas Cup, a swimming race, was held in Port Vell in Barcelona. More than 300 people participated in the swimming race showing their healthy spirits(Image 1). In contrast, Skopje, the capital and largest city of North Macedonia, which falls just above Greece, hosted an annual running competition with participants dressed as Santa Clause. (Image 2)

The images show their joy and healthy spirits. 

What did leaders do this Christmas?

Renewed global leaders also wished their well-wishers in light of the event. While Joe Biden celebrated a “quiet” Christmas (image on the left) this season, Prime Minister of India Narender Modi wished everyone merry Christmas and prayed for strengthening community bonds over Christmas.

On the other hand, the president of the UK, Rishi Sunaik, thanked diplomats, navy officers, and public servants worldwide for their sacrifice and will to serve the nation even during the holiday seasons. As per the article of BBC, random calls were made to Pakistan, Ukraine, Somalia, and the UK.

The young president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, sent Christmas wishes to President Sunaik and expressed his gratitude towards President for helping him in difficult times.

Sharing the same spirit, Pope Francis, celebrating the 10th Christmas of his pontificate, addressed the masses by urging people to stop international war crises in Vatican City. In St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, the largest church in the world, more than 11,000 people gathered on Christmas day to see Pope Francis, financial times reported. Standing on the central balcony of the church, the pope offered the traditional “Urbi et Orbi” (to the city and the world) blessing, urging people not to spend on Christmas decorations and celebrations this year but rather help their brothers and sisters in Ukraine in the face of adversity.

86-year-old Pope is known worldwide for his anti-war speeches and for motivating people not to fall victim to war.

Beard like a Christmas tree

In another viral video, posted by the Guinness book of world records’ official handle on social media, a man named Joel Strasser decorated his beard with 710 Christmas baubles on 2nd December 2022, breaking his set world record of 686 bells he set last Christmas. Since then, the video has created a lot of buzz on the internet. Netizens have compared the beard to a Christmas tree. While few found it bizarre and painful, many enjoyed the creativity and determination of the man. (Image: Joel Strasser with his decorated beard)

Was Santa fat?

In another debacle, banning fat Santa is trending around the internet. Although, to begin with, criticism was first raised in Australian Mall, Australian health researcher Vincent Candrawinata sparked the flame in citizens. Per him, depicting Santa with a big round belly portrays the image of binge eating and inculcates unhealthy eating habits among people. He even faced criticism for”body-shaming” Santa.

However, as explained by the article in News18, Santa was originally “thin” and wore a green outfit. Recent changes in the appearance of Santa Clause have mainly been contributed by “Coca-Cola”. From changing his attire from green to red and white to suit their brand aesthetic to adding a little belly, these changes have only been made in the past few decades.

Some bad news followed

While most people celebrated the day with great enthusiasm and zeal, breaking world records and enjoying the festivities, around 34 people also surrendered their lives to the massive winter storm that hit the US on Christmas weekend. The storm is claimed to have hit more than 60% of the United States and stretched from the Great Lakes near Canada to the Rio Grande along the border with Mexico. The article in DW reported that heavy snowfall, freezing wind currents, and rainfall accompanied the storm. The event was reported as once in a generation event by the National Weather services of the US, and the boom cyclone was found to be the reported cause of the storm.


This Christmas season was full of surprising events with a tint of despair, but what is for sure is that this Christmas was unique as it united people and gave them a ray of hope, a moment of joy to forget the growing agony in the world surrounding them.

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