A Sneak Peek Into Winter 2022

Where most people are spending their holidays on tropical beaches basking in the sun and sipping wine, some are struck at their homes due to strikes, winter storms and even work deadlines. Well, if you fall into the later category, we got you covered. We got winter news from around the globe to keep you on your toes even in the holidays.

Winter is a season that brings a diverse array of weather conditions and events to different parts of the world. From snowstorms and freezing temperatures to mild and sunny days, the winter season has something for everyone. In this article, we will take a winter world tour and explore the current conditions and events happening in different regions around the globe.

We have compiled this article to connect you with “white beauty” and what is happening globally this winter season. So grab your coat and join us on a journey to discover the many faces of winter worldwide. 

Mesmerizing beauty of nature:

Before jumping into global news, just look at the mesmerizing beauty of nature. From snow-covered mountains to frozen waterfalls, from trees hidden beneath the snow to birds cocooning in their nests for warmth, below is a glimpse of “white beauty”.

Nigeria falls, one of the most visited waterfalls in the world, in sub-zero temperatures partially freezes. The falls look straight out of a fairy tale, and the result is truly a feast for the eyes. (Image on left: Nigeria Falls, the image on the right: Tennessee’s Bald River falls) 

Another partially frozen waterfall that has mesmerised the internet is Tennessee’s Bald River falls.

Party Ready:

In the winter season, while few people prefer to travel away to tropical destinations, some opposite people visit hill stations to see the snow and experience the cold. This is why winter is the 2nd most preferred season to travel after summer.

With a more than 15% hike in the expected number of tourists in the country, Thailand has also evoked VISA restrictions for foreign travellers. However, as per the latest news, till 31st march 2023, travellers will not need to pre-approve their Thai VISA for 30 to 45-day visit, along with no requirement to obtain a Thailand Pass or Certificate of Entry (COE), official website of Thai embassy stated.

The tourism Industry of Thailand is hosting one of the biggest parties of the year, named “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2023”, in Bangkok and Songkhla. As a result, TAT expects to reach a revenue target of 1.5 trillion Baht, which is 50% of pre-pandemic revenue collection in 2019.

Similar preparations for the New Year party can also be seen in other parts of the world. From Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world, to Sydney harbour, in Australia, the first major city that welcomes the new year, are gearing up for the party season. 

Images from the last year’s New Year celebration are evident what a grandeur celebration you can expect this year too.

(Images: left to right: Dubai and Sydney Harbor New Year celebration in 2022)

Lift the travel ban: Live a little:

While most people are already at their destinations, relaxing and celebrating with their loved ones, Chinese people might be the last to hop onto international travel destinations. However, the nation has just lifted COVID travel restrictions and has seen a massive splurge in international travel bookings from around the country. This is the best Christmas and New Year present for the Chinese to take a break from rigid COVID restrictions and lockdown policies to breathe fresh air finally. What concerns is that abandoning restrictions on travel might lead to a rise in COVID cases globally!

However, looking through rose-coloured glasses, every individual has the right to take a break every once in a while, which is what the Chinese are perhaps doing.

Fishing festival in Frozen Waters:

While few Chinese flies farther from Mainland, many bring out their fishing rods and mark the beginning of the winter fishing festival in NE China, which is annually hosted in one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country named Chagan Lake.

Sporting events:

FIS Snowboard slopestyle World Cup season is just about to begin in a few weeks, and fans cannot wait. It is one of the most prestigious European snowboarding competitions, held in Switzerland from January 11th to 15th next month. 

 In other news, on 29th December, Mikaela Shiffrin won a skiing competition in the giant slalom World Cup scoring 79 wins under her name. The 27-year athlete recorded a victory in SEMMERING, AUSTRIA, where the giant Slalom world cup is currently taking place.

In alpine skiing, skiers compete in slalom, giant slalom, and downhill events. Skiing competitions can be held in various disciplines, including alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing, and ski jumping. Skiing competitions are held at various levels, from local and regional events to national and international competitions, such as the Winter Olympics.

School's Out for Winter, and so are most skiing resorts:

In the news from another sib-tropical country, just right below China over the map, India too faces chilling winters ahead. Schools in most states will remain shut amid the snowy season and will resume mostly in the second month of 2023.

While some parts are submerged with snow, few nations did not receive enough snow this season. Therefore, many people in nations such as Switzerland and France depend upon Skiing and ice skating for their livelihood during the Christmas season and are facing a hard time due to the lack of snow in Alpes.

Telegraph reported that more than half of the skiing resorts had been closed with the temperature still in 2 digit range. This has left people in distress and agony.

Double Trouble in UK: Chilling weathers and strikes:

While most nations are gearing up for the biggest parties of the year, most parts of the UK are covered in snow. From London to Scotland, United Kingdom recorded its coolest temperature of the year on 12th December, with scale recording even minus 15 degree Celsius (15.7 degree Celsius). The temperature was recorded in north Scotland as per the report of National weather department of the country. 

Some of the flights got cancelled, and delays in transport facilities have occurred due to dipping temperatures and frequent strikes all around the nation. As a result, many people are left stranded this holiday season, and there are better times to travel for UK peeps due to snow storms and massive blankets covering most of the nation.

Strikes in healthcare, education and transport have been occurring since this month's beginning. The prime reason for the strikes is the demand for higher pay and increased salaries of staff and workers in these departments.

However, even if you wish to travel despite strikes, it is imperative that you plan your schedule only after considering the schedule of the strikes.

The railway and aviation industry schedules are duly mentioned on their respective websites for you to refer to. However, we suggest travelling only if it is optional and not during strikes since it burdens the staff and will cause inconvenience in your journey.

Don’t forget to read chilling news from chilling nation:

Ukraine faces a difficult time ahead, with the temperature expected to drop below minus four degrees faranhiets. Nation is already struggling with food and power crises due to Russia heavily targeting power plants to express its wrath. 

As per WHO, about 6500 civilians have lost their lives in the war, and more than tens of thousands have been injured. “The winter ahead will be about survival.” Kluge Said, WHO Regional Director for Europe.

Talking about the snow and snowstorm we cannot complete this article without talking about the recent snowstorm that has hit most parts of United States and has claimed more than 60 innocent lives so far.

The storm is named “winter storm Elliot”. This blizzard has hit the USA and parts of Canada. However, the Buffalo region in New York received more than 43 inches of snow in just 48 hours.

More than 70000 people are out of electrical supply in Washington and Oregon as per the report of BBC, which further states that since the ice has begun to melt and conditions improving in the region, Washington state capital witnessed a record high tide of 5.6 meters. 

However, looking on the bright side, the weather conditions are improving. In the worst-hit city of buffalo, more than 65% of the city's total area has access to an atheist one lane for transporting essential services and goods. In addition, the city is gaining its shape back, with more than 1.2 meters of snow being cleared.

However, despite these blankets of snow, many people have been seen enjoying the snow with much enthusiasm despite posing issues of electricity failure and disrupted transport. (Image reference: CNN news)

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, the winter season has been a time of varied weather across the globe, with some places experiencing heavy snowfall and others seeing little or no snow. Residents have had to deal with transportation disruptions, power outages, and other challenges in regions with heavy snowfall. 

Overall, the winter season has brought challenges and benefits to different parts of the world. While heavy snowfall has caused disruptions and difficulties for some, it has also brought joy and opportunities for winter sports and activities for others. On the other hand, milder weather has allowed for smooth daily operations and the enjoyment of outdoor activities for some but has also posed disruptions in business.

Concluding, the winter season has been a time of both challenges and benefits, depending on where you are in the world. Whether you have experienced heavy snow or mild weather, it is essential to be prepared for the winter season and take steps to stay safe and comfortable during cold weather.

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