Proposals can be a major part of business and economic industries, but they are not limited to them. In academia, a propositional essay proposes an idea to the reader and then explains why that idea is either good or bad. Unlike an argument, where you are either arguing or persuading to prove your point, in this type of essay, you are presenting that idea slowly like a salesperson, convincing the reader and trying to agree with you.

So many students are scared that they will not be able to achieve this feat, but there is no way to be equipped with the right tips and strategies. Writing an exceptional essay takes time and effort; students will notice a big difference if they are prepared. Regardless of the type of proposal being written, they all follow the same standard criteria, which will be discussed below:

What is a proposal essay?

As its name implies, a propositional essay proposes an idea and provides evidence to convince the reader of its validity.

Although offers are generally essential to business and economic transactions, they are not limited to those areas. A proposal can be written for any college class, scientific field, or personal or professional project.

This article will review how to write an effective proposal essay and provide an example we have developed and implemented.

What to include in your innovation proposal

Executive Summary

In an executive summary, you summarize the contents of your innovation proposal. It should include the purpose and key points of the project, such as scope, objectives, expected results, timeline and budget.

This will be one of the first things your readers will see. And as such, it needs to give them a good idea of the importance of your offer.

Project background

In the project background, the company should explain why the innovation is necessary, who will benefit from it, and how it fits into its long-term goals. This section should also identify potential challenges or opportunities for success. Finally, you can include the research you've done on other similar solutions and approaches.

Solutions and Approaches

This section should discuss the steps required to carry out the proposed innovation. It should also include details on when each step should be completed and by whom.

Financial information

All anticipated expenses associated with the proposed solution should be outlined here, along with an estimate of the return on investment. It is essential to be as accurate as possible with your calculations.

Accurate calculations will give investors and customers a good idea of how much the project will cost and if it is viable.


The conclusion should summarise all the details discussed earlier in the proposal. In addition, this part should reiterate the objective of the innovation, anticipated results, financials and timelines. This is also where recommendations can be made regarding future action steps and the next steps for implementation.

Tips for Choosing a Proposal Essay Topic

Identifying an essay topic is one of the essential steps in the essay-writing process. Unfortunately, no hard and fast rules exist for choosing a proposal essay topic. When you're asked to write a proposal essay, remember the following tips when choosing your essay topic.

  • Choose an essay topic that matches your interest.
  • Choose a trending topic that will excite your readers.
  • Choose a topic that gives you a good place to present your arguments or discussions.
  • Choose a topic that has several relevant pieces of evidence and reference material.
  • Identify a topic that is easy for you to research before the deadline.

Along with the above tips, keep track of the essay writing requirements shared by your instructor and then finalize an essay topic to help you meet those requirements.

How to write an innovation proposal

Establish a thesis

Identify the problem or opportunity you are solving and clearly state what it is, why it matters and how your proposed innovation will help. Be sure to support your statements with facts and evidence. Finally, explain your point of view effectively and concisely in a way that reflects your experience and expertise.

Research relevant information

Gather information about the current industry state you're innovating in, review relevant literature, and collect relevant data. This will give you an informed approach from which to work.

Brainstorm solution

In step one, you identified a problem or challenge. Now, you need to brainstorm solutions. To develop creative solutions, draw on personal experience and research knowledge.

Outline your proposal

Prepare a detailed outline for your proposal to organize your thoughts. Then, divide the document into appropriate sections such as introduction, implementation plan, conclusion, etc. To simplify complex data, including tables and figures.

Draft proposal

Begin drafting the proposal using the above structure as a guide. You can start by creating an introduction that outlines the overall goal of your project and why it matters. Then, please provide more detail about the specific elements of your solution and how they fit together. Include data, diagrams, pictures or other visuals if possible.

Revise and edit

Read your draft carefully for any errors, inconsistencies or room for improvement. Make corrections as needed, and feel free to revise parts or all of the text if necessary. If helpful, ask someone else to read the proposal before submitting it for approval.

Final words

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