When writing an argumentative essay, you need an opinion piece to form your voice or point of view. However, even the most logical stance won't be compelling if it isn't properly structured and reinforced with solid arguments and evidence. Use our simple and step-by-step guide to learn what sections an argumentative essay should contain and how to structure them correctly.

Understanding the Basics of an Argumental Essay

An argumentative essay can be a piece of writing that takes a stance on a specific issue. In a well-written argumentative essay, a writer tries to influence the readers to understand and support their point of view on a particular topic. They need to support their argument with relevant evidence.

Argumentation essays are a fairly common assignment for high school, college, or university students.

Generally, students are assigned argumentative essays related to specific subject areas like science, marketing, technology, engineering, programming, politics, literature, health care etc.

Efficient Ways to Design Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays should have a simple structure that is easy for professors and readers to understand and follow. Writing an argumentative essay aims to define a point of view, arguments, and evidence. Therefore, a flawless argumentative essay help needs to follow the structure mentioned below:

A strong introduction: The opening paragraph of your argumentative essay should define your topic, provide background information needed to make your argument, outline the evidence you'll add, and state your thesis statement.

Solid Thesis Statement: This is often part of the opening paragraph of your essay. A thesis statement is a brief, one-sentence outline of the purpose and claim of your essay.

Entirely Filling Body Paragraphs: A typical argumentative essay consists of 3 or more paragraphs that specify the explanation of why you support your thesis. Each additional essay paragraph should focus on a specific plan or evidence that summarizes why readers and teachers should trust your material. Body paragraphs are where you support your arguments with appropriate examples, research, statistics, studies, and text citations. Remember to address opposing viewpoints, reject them, or make a case for why you find them oppressive. Presenting the facts and considering the topic from every angle add credibility and can help you gain the reader's trust.

Grand Conclusion: This paragraph reiterates your thesis statement and summarizes all of the arguments made in your body paragraphs. An honest conclusion should connect the reader's feelings to the text rather than presenting new facts or lots of arguments. In some cases, writers may use this section to explain how the topic of the essay affects them personally.

If you are confused about how to approach your argumentative essay, we have put together a list of some essential tips for you to write the best argumentative essay.

Always remember to choose an impactful and strong topic: The first thing that compels you to prepare a list of top-rated argumentative essay topics. Choose a debatable, impactful writing topic that raises strong, intelligent ideas. Hence, students should pay close attention while selecting an interesting topic for an argumentative essay. Select a topic you want to write about so that you can write passionately and express your thoughts and ideas without hassle.

Develop a clear thesis statement: No matter the topic or subject of your argumentative essay, you need to write a clear thesis statement for successful essay writing. It is essential to emphasise the thesis statement because you are trying to present an opinion on a specific topic. A well-written thesis statement helps a student articulate their thought process for writing. On the other hand, it helps readers understand what you think about the subject.

Begin your essay with a catchy hook. Don't forget to start your essay with an inspiring truth, statistic, quote, personal anecdote, or thought-provoking question. Your first sentence should hook the reader and get them interested in reading or evaluating the essay topic you are writing about.

Remember to add applicable facts and figures: One cannot turn oneself into a position of personal bias in this situation, as it can ruin the ultimate objective of presenting an argumentative essay. To prove that your arguments are authentic and original, you need to share enough evidence to give you the necessary validation whenever you try to provide a purpose to your essay and back it up with facts, knowledge, or statistics that will help readers understand its importance.

Always present both sides of the coin. Although the sole purpose of writing an argumentative essay is to present your opinion on the topic, it does not mean that you completely ignore the other side's point of view. Don't ignore it for no reason; Instead, add the other side's strongest point of view to your argumentative essay and throw it out there to impress your audience on your side.

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