If you decide to get higher education in college or university, you must know how to write a philosophy letter. If you've never taken a philosophy course, you should master the principles of philosophy essay writing. At first, the assignment may seem daunting because it involves much reflection on a specific philosophical issue. For example, a philosophical essay may focus on issues in books, films, articles, and other sources.

However, once you master the principles of critical and analytical thinking and become more fluent in writing, writing on philosophical topics will become easier. One of the underlying principles of philosophical disciplines is to understand the core message of a given book, magazine or film and to be able to interpret the idea.

Regarding philosophy essay writing, the key steps refer to preparation and adequate research. Even if the essay is on a philosophical topic, it should be supported by expert evidence from reliable sources. Therefore, you should pay enough attention to the pre-writing phase, which includes gathering information and reviewing the literature.

What is a philosophy essay?

A philosophical essay uses logical reasoning to prove a certain point. The most important aspect of this essay is the ideas expressed through correct and understandable language. To write an excellent philosophical essay, the learner must first understand philosophical questions, concepts, and theories. For your audience to understand your paper well, you should include a philosophy essay definition in the introduction. Next, you should think critically about your arguments. Finally, after understanding the concepts, you should answer the philosophical questions.

Types of philosophy essay

Application. This type of philosophy paper requires applying a specific theory to a new situation. As a rule, these papers are assigned in ethics or business ethics. To be successful in this type of writing, you need to demonstrate a solid understanding of the philosophical principles given. The main idea behind this type of writing is to apply the concepts stated in the essay prompt to a specific case or situation.

Thought experiment. It is a widespread paper type among students studying the philosophy of medicine or bioethics. When you are assigned this essay type, you must write your reflection on a specific thought experiment. In some ways, this philosophy essay is similar to a case study assignment.

Critical summary. This essay type is based on some research findings, which have been elaborated with the help of your critical and analytical thinking skills. Remember that it is not enough to provide key points from the prescribed reading; the main focus should be evaluation and critical analysis. This work is rather subjective as it involves a student's point of view on a specific issue.

Compare and contrast philosophy essay. When required to write this essay, you must compare and contrast different topics, people, events, etc. You can do this according to specific criteria.

Thesis Paper. Ensure you do not confuse a thesis paper with a thesis statement, as the former is a completely different academic work. A thesis paper is a serious academic work that must defend a specific position by supporting it with expert evidence, figures, statistics and other facts taken from reliable sources. The central argument of the thesis paper should be formulated concisely in one sentence.

Exegesis/Research Philosophy Paper. Here you need to research a specific philosophy topic and provide a coherent, well-synthesized paper. The main objective is to gain an in-depth understanding of a specific issue and its core concepts.

Tips for Preparing a Philosophical Essay

Still feeling stuck on writing a philosophical essay? Here are seven more tips for preparing a good philosophy paper that can help you avoid getting stuck:

  • Write the way you would talk about the topic. This will help you avoid overly complex, poor writing using more straightforward prose and familiar words.
  • Don't focus on getting a definitive answer until the end of your philosophical essay if your conclusion suggests the question needs further clarification or has multiple answers.
  • You do not need to answer every question in the paper. Even professional philosophers sometimes don't have all the answers.
  • Get straight to the point at the beginning of your paper—no need to excite the reader - and increase your word count.
  • Avoid using quotes. Write your explanation of the author's point. But if you think using a direct quote is better, clearly state how it relates to your argument afterwards.
  • Write in the first person unless your assignment requires using the third person.
  • Start working on your philosophy essay in advance. Then, double it for the time you think you'll need!

Mistakes in Philosophy Paper Writing

When you check your paper for mistakes, pay attention to the following criteria, as students usually make mistakes in them:

  • Paper organization and paragraph structures.
  • Appropriate choice of vocabulary and structures.
  • Sufficient support for your argument.
  • Flawless references as per academic standards.
  • Strong defence of arguments.
  • Micro editing.
  • One idea that holds the whole paper.
  • Proper citation of sources in the text.
  • Rough draft writing is encouraged as a preliminary writing step.
  • Postponing the writing process is not encouraged - make sure you start on time.

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