Writing a diagnostic essay can be challenging if you are not familiar with it. Unlike a research paper, a diagnostic essay tests or analyses a set of competencies that students should possess. School teachers usually give it at the beginning of the academic year; It helps school personnel to assess current information on a specific understanding or multitude of courses.

What is a diagnostic essay?

A diagnostic essay is a piece of writing that assesses your knowledge of a topic and writing skills. A teacher usually sets this type of work at the beginning of the course. This is not marked as this is to give the course leader an idea of your capabilities. Instead, he diagnoses the abilities of his students through these essays. They are usually timed, just like other essay types you must write for exams.

Diagnostic Essay Structure and Format

Diagnostic writing should be concise and logical. Thus, the most efficient way to write a Diagnostic essay or any essay, is to follow the standard introduction, body, and conclusion structure. Here's what each section should contain:


Tell the reader what you're writing about with an interesting hook or first sentence. Common practice is to rewrite the prompt to introduce the assigned topic, then tell the reader your thesis statement and three main points, or arguments, about the topic.

Main part

The body consists of three paragraphs, with one paragraph dealing with one argument. Identify your main point for each paragraph, then explain it in detail. Since you don't have access to research, you can use personal experience or facts you know.


This is the last paragraph of your paper, so it's where you tie together your main points and relate them to your thesis statement. You can rephrase your thesis statement to reinforce your point, but don't introduce new topics or arguments here.

If you follow this structure for your clinical essay, you are already ahead of the game. However, to write a good diagnostic paper, follow the writing tips in the next section.

Steps for writing a diagnosis essay

Essay writing is not something you sit down and start writing like a text message. It has a format, and you must follow different steps while writing. Before writing a diagnostic essay, you need to read the instructions to know the exact task and the rules you will need to follow. The steps you will follow include the following.

Read the Diagnostic Essay Prompt

Before writing an essay, assignment, or homework, a reading prompt is given first. The process is the same when you are tasked with writing a diagnostic essay. Read quickly to understand the topic, length, formatting style, and language to use in your diagnostic essay. If possible, read the rubric as well.

Select the title and subject

Some tutors want their students to choose the title they want. Usually, the lecturer chooses a topic, and then the students get their titles or come up with topics and titles they will write about. If the students have a specific topic from the lecturer, they will get a topic and then write about it.

Research the topic

After choosing a topic, do online research to understand what other scholars say about the issues surrounding the topic.

Create thesis statement

The next task that the student has to do is to prepare a thesis statement. The statement should be a good idea right from the beginning of the essay.

Develop an outline

When writing an essay, you are likely to have many ideas that you can get lost in writing. Therefore, you must write them the way you want the essay to flow. There should be clarity in your thoughts and ideas and a mnemonic method to help you remember the whole concept.

Do the introduction

After creating the outline of the clinical essay, the next thing is to come up with the introduction. A good introduction should cover what the topic needs to be answered and then things that may appear throughout the essay.

Write body and paragraphs

The primary function of the essay is to come up with a body, which should be in paragraph form. In the body, each point is covered by paragraphs, and all the issues are captured.

Do the Conclusion

Now you have to conclude the clinical essay. The conclusion must include specific things, such as a summary of the findings, which should always have a recapitulation form.

Proofread and edit the essay

Finally, you have to proofread the essay and make the necessary edits. When proofreading, you'll need to check for errors, such as grammatical mistakes and facts. Once you get the essay's clarity, you will leave it at this point and let the tutor give feedback.

Wrapping up

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